Five Creative Ways To Attract More Local Business
Five Creative Ways To Attract More Local Business
Posted By - Tracy Allen
Category - Digital Marketing Tips

Are you looking for creative, unique ways to grow your business? In this blog post, youʼll find five ideas you can start implementing to grow your brand awareness and a strong "know, like & trust" factor between you and your ideal customers or clients! Here are Digital Marketing Supply, we've got you covered with not only awesome videos and digital marketing tools but, also great content in our blogs! 

1.) Make your FB header a collage of local attractions & landmarks

- On a FB business page, youʼre able to change the cover (header) to various photos or even videos like the one we did for one of our Facebook Business Pages. You could create a photo collage of local attractions & landmarks that people in your community would easily recognize! Then when people view your page, they would be more inclined to figure out who you are & what you do since they see youʼre in the local area straight away!

NOTE ***Don't forget to add a call to action on your cover. "CLICK THE LINK TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT/LEARN MORE/GET STARTED NOW..." Something that tells your visitors what to do now that they are on your page. We need to update ours but, you get the point, right? You can use such programs like CANVA, Adobe, YouSign, etc. to create some great personalized covers.


2.) Take your headshots at a popular destination

- Having professional, happy headshots to use as profile photos on various social media platforms adds to your value & credibility from an ideal customer or clients perspective. It shows that you take who you are & what you do seriously! Is there a popular local attraction or landmark that you could use for the photoshoot?


3.) Tag your location in social media posts

- On Facebook & Instagram, be sure to tag your location of where you were or where youʼre at... Just as long as your comfortable! This is a great way to build connections with ideal customers/clients in your local community! Take it a step farther & use hashtags relevant to your local area too!


4.) Host a class or meet-up in your community

- Want to build that know, like & trust factor quickly? Meet with ideal customers or clients in person! Rent a local facility & host a class on a topic that youʼre an expert in! If youʼre a fitness instructor, host a workout class! Social media coach? Host a class all about Instagram! Real Estate agent? Host an informational class for people considering the career field!

5.) Create a scavenger hunt

- You are allowed to have FUN in your business so do that! Choose 5-10 local locations with hidden clues for the participants. The event starts with picking up the first clue from your business & proceeds to led the participants around the community! If they piece it together & solve the scavenger hunt, lead them back to claim a prize from your business!

Which creative, unique idea are you going to implement first?

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Tracy Allen

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