How To Handle Uncertainty In Your Business
How To Handle Uncertainty In Your Business
Posted By - James Jumao
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Are you shrugging your shoulders, clueless to your next best steps? 


Are you burying your hands in your face because everything feels like an uphill battle to get done?


Do you feel uncomfortable with who you are and what you do? 


Do you feel uncertain about the path youʼre on, the content youʼre creating, and heck, even the business you started? 


In this blog post, youʼll find five suggestions on how to handle the uncertainty youʼre experiencing. 


These ideas will hopefully inspire a step in a progressive direction.


1.) Ask better questions


- When we ask better questions, we get better answers. What questions have you been asking yourself? Are you asking questions that are problem-oriented or solution-oriented? Are you focusing on whatʼs wrong or on whatʼs right? If you arenʼt creating answers to whatʼs going on in your business, you have to ask yourself different questions. You can even hire a coach to challenge with your effective questions from an outside perspective.


2.) Take time away


- When was the last time you took a step away from working on your business? When was the last time you hit pause on creating and sharing content? Your battery might need to be recharged! Start by taking a solid day or two away. Only focus on the mandatory tasks that demand your attention. For example, your paying coaching clients. Give yourself some space to clear your head and get inspired again.


3.) Connect with your why


- Do you remember why you started? Does that reason, cause, purpose, intention still matter to you? You could be so caught up with what and even who is to the left and right of you that you arenʼt seeing what is right in front of you. You need to get reacquainted with your why. Why you wanted to work in this industry, why you wanted to work with this type of person, why you wanted to start a business, why you launched this or did that or went there. Take out your journal and see what comes to the surface. Look back on old notes you wrote when you were just getting started. Look back on your old content, old favorite books, old favorite quotes (ex…) and see what inspiration and memories it creates.


4.) Talk to a mentor


- Who do you know with experience in your industry? I encourage you to grab a cup of coffee with them and share whatʼs going on behind the scenes. Ask for their advice. Ask about their experience with these professional lows and what helped them to keep moving forward. Get your frustrations off your chest with someone who can relate to you and encourage you.


5.) Work on yourself


- Instead of focusing on the business, focus on the individual who is running the business. If you are personally not well, your business will not be doing professionally well. When was the last time you worked out? When was the last time you watched an industry training? When was the last time you were with a family member or close friend? When was the last time you did a fun, extracurricular activity that makes you feel joyful? Youʼve got to get yourself feeling right for the business to start doing alright.


Those are five suggestions on how to handle uncertainty in your professional life.


Share in the comments what else you would recommend for this list. What has helped you with these emotions before?


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