3 Reasons Your Business Isnʼt Growing
3 Reasons Your Business Isnʼt Growing
Posted By - James Jumao
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Have your professional results stalled? Are you not hitting your goals? 


Do you have a lack of customers buying your product or clients booking your service? 


In this blog post, I will be sharing three reasons why your business isnʼt growing & how you can make the necessary adjustments to see a change.


1.) You donʼt have an individualized brand


What are you doing to make who you are and what you do stand out to your ideal clients/customers? How are you unique to the marketplace? It is important that you create and establish an individualized brand. Meaning, you make your business unique to you & the people you want to serve. There are thousands upon thousands of people who are doing similar work to you. You have to convince an ideal customer or client why they should choose to buy from or work with you out of their pool of options. This is why branding is vitally important to your online success. You are taking who you are personally and mixing it with what you do professionally. You are mixing credibility with the connection. You are mixing education with experience. Branding gives your ideal person the best of both worlds. People buy from brands that they love and that they “get.” They get what youʼre all about and they like it. An easy and effective place to start for your branding success is with the colors & fonts you choose to use for social media graphics. Look at your current social media profile. What does it look like? Are the styles inconsistent? For a month, I would choose only three colors and two different fonts you will use for all of your social media content. Use the same logo on all your designs. You will notice your feed gets more cohesive, attractive, and professional.


2.) You are not consistent 


- Your business growth is inconsistent because you are not taking consistent action. Doing the right actions, again and again, will produce the best results again and again. You are treating what you do as a hobby that can be worked on at your leisure & comfort instead of as a business that must be worked on with intention & consistency. You are not utilizing the power of video on social platforms consistently. You are not creating valuable and sharable social media posts consistently. You are not pitching your offer consistently. You are not networking consistently. Consistency is key to creating sustainable success. What youʼll need to do is develop a schedule that you can begin to follow. For example, if you want to improve how often you utilize video, mark on your calendar that on Tuesday & Thursday at X time you will do a LIVE stream on your Facebook Business Page. Then follow that specific routine for a solid month. By the end of the month, youʼll have 8 valuable videos available for repurposing & future views. These videos will add credibility to your profile & when you compare video one to video eight youʼll notice a change in your confidence on camera.


3.) You donʼt have a coach 


- You donʼt currently have someone cheering you on to accomplish your professional goals. You donʼt have someone holding you accountable for what you say youʼre going to do to move your business forward. You donʼt have someone presenting new ideas, challenging your thinking, or encouraging you to do the work you donʼt want to do. You donʼt have a coach who is father along and better at certain skills in business than you currently are. You donʼt have a coach who is able to teach you the necessary skills and strategies to improve specific areas of your business. For example, you are probably well aware that a video is a powerful tool to build your online credibility and to connect with your ideal clients/ customers. However, you keep hesitating about hiring a video coach! You donʼt go LIVE on your Facebook business page because you lack confidence on camera but you havenʼt tried to hire a coach who can help you improve. Investing in a coaching session is betting on yourself as a business owner!


Doing these three things could sincerely help you get better results, hit your professional goals, and see more customers buying your product or more clients booking your service. 


Go grow your business today!


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