How & Why I Signed Up For EIDL & PPP Loans
How & Why I Signed Up For EIDL & PPP Loans
Posted By - Tracy Allen
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In 2019, I was making a few plans to implement into my business for 2020. I had no clue that a pandemic was in my future. But I had planned on helping more businesses to sell their products and services via video. I also planned on participating in more vendor events and paid for my first one in northern San Diego for March 2020. We all know what happened there????

Once the pandemic hit, I wanted to help small businesses even more to learn how to use Zoom so that they could still promote their business by going LIVE. There were many businesses that knew that they needed to help but everyone was clutching their purses at that time the first half of 2020.
It was a challenging time for everyone. And so we started hearing about the SBA helping small businesses with various loans. I didn’t have the greatest of credit and at first, I was not even going to try. But one of my friends had told me to fill out the application as they have been funded with the EIDL. I filled out the application but nothing happened. I didn’t receive a notification that the application was done or anything. So I got ready to give up again.
But then another friend of mine told me to apply and his enthusiasm inspired me. And a few days after he had applied, he was letting me know that he was approved and then shortly after that he had received his money direct deposit into his account! So I did the same thing… I applied for the EIDL and within a few days I was approved! I would’ve gotten my money sooner but I missed signing one of the documents on the site. Once I’d done that, within a day or so, the money was directly deposited into my account as well. I didn’t qualify for a lot but it definitely was helpful to get what I got.
I was watching YouTube to learn more about what was going on for small businesses financially as well as the stimulus checks status.
There were a few Youtubers that became my heroes during this pandemic. One was a guy named Brian of Clearwater tax. He kept us up-to-date with the stimulus checks.
The next YouTuber that blew my mind was Jason McElhone... I was not even aware that the EIDL came with a grant. And I really was not aware that it was supposed to be a $10,000 grant! I was pleasantly surprised to receive the $1000. But Jason was adamant about the fact that it was supposed to be $10,000 and he fought by writing letters to senators, other government officials, spreading that message all over the Internet, and even giving away money to try to help people… He’s amazing.
You’ll want to make sure that you’re checking your email to keep an eye out for a letter from the SBA asking if you would like to receive the balance of that $10,000 grant.
You always want to open the emails especially when it has your loan number in the subject.
If you get an email from the SBA (specifically from: with your loan number in that subject line, you could be on your way to receiving the balance of the $10,000 grant… Whether you received a $1000 grant or $2000 grant, this means you may receive either $9000 or $8000. You will have more paperwork to complete in order to get this but you’ll definitely want to take your time and do it.
Watch FREEDOMTAX ACCOUNTING's video as he will guide you through the SBA EIDL Grant application.
Keep in mind that the grant is money that you do not have to pay back!
I had heard about the PPP (Payroll Protection Plan)… I didn’t think it applied to me because I didn’t have employees. I’m a solopreneur and did not think that I would qualify for this program.
In January of this year, 2021, I heard that the PPP was back on the table and it was opening the doors for business owners like myself, freelancers, gig workers, ride-share drivers... in other words, we did not need to be the average brick and mortar business with employees. We employ ourselves and still need financial assistance to continue.
At the end of January 2021, I applied with one of the companies assisting with people get in their PPP loans. This process dragged on for two months.
I made many phone calls to this particular company that the only way I could speak to a representative is if I were to say I was having technical issues. And even then, sometimes it would take hours before anyone will call back.
I finally found a representative that was kind enough and patient enough to sort of hold my hand through the process. But unfortunately I believe that he miss guided me on what they were looking for and so they denied me. I tried once again and they denied me again.
So I remembered someone on YouTube talking about a company called Womply. They had a very quick and easy application online. I filled in my information, it told me how much I qualified for, and then it really blew me away because, it allowed me to qualify for the PPP 1st Draw that I did not take last year as well as the PPP for this year! So it doubled the amount that I thought I qualified for!
I’ve signed my documents for the approval and just waiting to be funded now but super excited because I know that it’s coming!
You can use the PPP money for 4 Purposes:
  1. mortgage/rent
  2. utilities
  3. payroll
  4. Interest on mortgage.
I am sharing this information not as an expert but just as a regular solo entrepreneur/independent contractor/freelancer to let you guys know that there is financial help out here and you don’t have to stress about your credit… Just get your 2019 taxes done at a minimum and apply for this money!
Max Maher is excellent at explaining the process of the PPP Loan AND the details of the forgiveness program.
I also like AUBREY JANIK's walk through on completing the forgiveness application.
The link that I am sharing allows me to receive a referral bonus if you use it and you get funded. I appreciate your support.
Once you get your own link, share it with other business owners that you know… Spread the love! Move quickly though! This program has been extended but I will get in as soon as possible before they run out of money!
Feel free to reach out if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer and if I don’t know the answers, I will point you in the best direction that I know.
Have an amazing rest of your day/evening ????
Tracy Allen
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