3 Types Of Entertaining Content To Grow Your Brand
3 Types Of Entertaining Content To Grow Your Brand
Posted By - Tracy Allen
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Entertaining content makes your ideal person feel a certain set of emotions. (Examples: Inspired, Creative, Motivated, Confident, Disappointed, Frustrated)

Entertaining content connects what you do professionally to who you are personally.

Entertaining content creates relatability between you and your ideal customer/client because they feel led through an emotional experience with you.

Listed below are 3 specific types of entertaining content you can create to help build your brand online and establish know, like & trust with your ideal customer/client.

[1] Entertain your ideal customer/client with a story - You want your ideal person to really get to know who you are as they consume your brands content. Storytelling is arguably the best product/service seller, so if you want someone to buy from or work with you, youʼll need to start telling better stories. You can share a personal or professionally story that would help your ideal person get to know you better, like you a little more and trust you deeper. Your story telling can be done through social media captions, LIVE stream/video content, blog posts or even a podcast episode!

[2] Entertain your ideal customer/client with an experience - Your loyal people want to feel apart of both your life and business. Think of it as they want to be nosy about what youʼre up to! Of course, as the business owner you can & should draw boundaries with what people know & what you give out, but to a comfortable level you should share your personal and professional behind the scenes. For example… Are you out at the county fair? Could you go LIVE while you eat delicious cotton candy? Are you doing a photoshoot for your brand? Can you take a selfie with the photographer & post about it on Facebook? Are you working with clients or packaging products? Show us on your Instagram Stories!

[3] Entertain your ideal customer/client with industry humor - Who doesnʼt love a good laugh? The engagement rates for humor related content on social media is pretty impressive. People like to have a break from the “serious” and switch to the “silly.” However, as a business owner you just have to be smart with how the silly content you create can be matched well with your brand. So, what is going on in your industry that you can poke fun at? Is there something you disagree with? What funny things are said about Real Estate Agents or Chiropractors (whatever your title is)? Create graphics that can be easily saved & shared by your people! Is it time for you to create more entertaining, emotional content for your ideal customer/client?

I challenge you to create this type of content two days this week, (Tuesday & Thursday) using the topics listed above. This is a step in the right direction for getting known, seen & heard online.

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