How To Make $1000 Per Month Using Your Content
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Hello my friends! Tracy Allen of Digital Marketing Supply here and today's blog report we're going to talk about how to make $1000 a month using your content.

I wanted to share with you this concept because I think it's so important there are so many businesses that just are not familiar with affiliate marketing so I'm going to go over what affiliate marketing is. Why you should use it in addition to whatever it is that you do. So it's not network marketing. I'll explain in a moment here but let me just do something really quickly here.

Just trying to make sure everything is set up properly so that I can be attentive to anyone that shows up here. All right so anyway. I'm gonna dive in and go over this because again like I said I think it's very important because a lot of people are just not aware of how what an affiliate program is and how it works so basically an affiliate program being an affiliate means you're able to market a product or service of another company and you don't have to worry about the inventory you don't have to worry about the customer service. Of course, you want to market you know where you believe the people you send are going to be treated well but just saying that you don't that's not an area of your business that you now have to set up and stuff and it's not an MLM or network marketing although it's a very similar concept. You know being able to have a service or product that you promote in addition to whatever you do just makes a lot of sense when you think about it the way I'm going to share with you. So now if you are already an affiliate. Then this video is not for you. This is so that I can share something that will open the eyes of others to not leave money on the table and so like you know I really thought about real estate the past few years. I've been thinking about realtors who you know you're trying to sell houses and sometimes you're not selling the house as quickly as you'd like and maybe you go a couple of months or longer without having any sales of home and then when you do get a sale even though it might be a nice commission you might be happy behind on some stuff and so this helps to kind of fill in the gaps. If you do it right and if you do it period. Okay so like if you are a realtor you know why not be able to promote something like a Wayfair company, furniture company. They've got thousands, tens of thousands of products that you could you know let your customers when you sell a house. You can say hey you know I'm also a represantive or an affiliate however you want to put it. But you can go through this link to be able to look at some furniture for your home you know. I think over this corner it would be nice to have this type of setup and wayfiar has some great prices and beautiful things that would fit really great there so you know on my card here's the link now you don't want to give long drawn out affiliate link because whenever you do have an affiliate link a lot of times they give you this long thing or something that looks like with question marks and on this stuff and and nobody really wants to see that it makes you question whether you want to click on it or not so the reality is if you're going to promote something where you're an affiliate you want to either create a subdomain with your current URL and hopefully you have a website already so if you have a website already like you know let's say I can create links subdomain links and have let's say I'm promoting furniture. You know I could have furniture.misstracyallen(dot).com okay that looks a little more credible than having the furniturestore(dot).com slash question mark 123 hashtag you know all of that stuff so hopefully this is making some sense because again when you sign up to become an affiliate with wheter it's clickbank, amazon, commission junction. There's another of companies out there that you can become an affiliate and when you get your link your custom link then it has this long URL. So you definitely want to find ways to make it shorter so that if you wanted to put it on a business card or something it'll look nice it'll make sense to people. I wanted to go over some different types of businesses that you may not thought about but you could be an affiliate you know have an affiliate type of program that you promote. So like for example , let's say you sell clothing okay so you want to think of things that complement your business right so if you're selling clothing then you might want to have an affiliate program that has let's say shoes or jewelry or hats you know things that complement your business. Let's say you sell jewelry, you could promote clothing. I want you to start thinking brainstorm with me so if you hear your type of business then you can say oh okay yeah I could find a complimentary business like Walmart, Target, Peer One like all of these companies major companies have affiliate programs a lot of you now have to go through like a commission junction it's if you go through commission junction you have to sign up you have to qualify and I'll go into more of the details as to how to qualify in a moment here. But once you're qualified you find one thing try to start with one because in the beginning when I always wanted to promote like to be an affiliate. I saw everything and wanted to promote everything and you get nothing I don't know if any of you remember a long time ago there used to be a TV show that would come on and you standing like this phone booth looking thing and they would shoot money up into the air and people were trying to get as much money as they could and you could hardly get anything because that money is flying everywhere. Well it's the same thing when it comes to trying to do too much in anything if everything is just all over the place like even though it's an abundance of whatever it is that you want if it's too much and you're trying to get everything you wind up hardly getting anything. So start with one focus on one thing that compliments your business. Sign up to be an affiliate with that program and then go ahead and get your custom link so that you can put that on business cards or put it on social media and be able to promote it and be able to generate some income. Let me go over some more businesses here. So like if you're in the massage therapy business maybe you're an affiliate with candles, music, oils, skin care. In the marketing industry you could be an affiliate Carl you could be an affiliate to sell computer software, hosting services, domain services anything that you can think of regarding marketing look into what's out there so again like going back to computers you know you already like Carl for example he create websites for businesses. As an affiliate program why not tap into like a brand of computer brand and be able to say. Hey, you know  if you're looking for a new computer then I would suggest checking out this company blah blah blah. Now if that company let's say people are buying this computer that you suggested and let's say you're able make $50 dollars or $100 dollars commission of the sales now you're generating income. In addition, to what you're doing in your regular business does this make sense? 

Let me know if I'm making sense put that in the chat of you're watching this in the replay. Definitely let me know but you know that you're feeling me that you get what I'm saying on this.

If you're an author you could recommend other books. You know even Ophrah she's an author, she's got books that she's put out but she still recommends other book. Now of course, you're not going to make thousand of dollars by doing that. However, it's just to open up your mind for the possibilitie, okay. If you have a restaurant you know that they have home cooked meals that you can purchase thank you Carl. They have places that you can purchase home-cooked meals. So even though I'm a restaurant and I want to come out to my restaurant the truth is they're not going to come out to my restaurant every day or even every week. So why not give people something that they can you know suggest something that they can fix at home easily like you know these I can't think of the name of some of the companies that are out there. But they send the stuff to you and you just put it together and make your meals and stuff and nobody wants to do that every day either. So, it just allows people to tap into some other things that will help them and then they'll still come to your restaurant.

So coaching, if you're a coach you might want to promote books, mindset courses all of that stuff, physical fitness you might want to promote workout clothing, exercise equipment, nutritional shakes and supplements and stuff. If you're an auto mechanic you you could promote tires, car washing supplies all of that. Dentist, if I'm a dentist I can promote teeth cleaning equipment, you know so that I can keep my teeth clean at home less work for the dentist but it's okay. You're still going  to go the dentist and make sure that nothing is going bad with your teeth. Attorney, depending on what you specialize. Maybe if you're a family attorney, maybe you want to recommend some courses to help that family o get it together before it goes to divorce you know.

So those are just some ideas just some thoughts that I'm throwing out there. I put together saying. Hey you know there these are complimentary to your business. Whatever your business is think of something as complimentary because like years ago my friend that se used to do massages and she worked so hard and she was so good at doing it. But I was always concerned about her like okay what happens when you're in your 70s and 80s and you don't have the strength to continue to do the things that you're doing now why start looking into what it is that you can promote this complimentary to what it is that you're doing. Okay so that's where my mindset went with that. So when it comes to getting approved for like commission junction and stuff. All of these affiliate companies they want to make sure that you're a real person. They want to make sure that you have a way of being able to promote so even if you're just getting started you can contact them and say. Hey you know I've got a website, I'm on social media I've got X amount of followers what have you and this is what I want to do and promote this product to my audience and there were there are real people that evaluate whether you can get in the program or not so you can always reach out and say hey this is who I am and this is what I want to do and you just have to follow the guidelines you have to make sure that you read the rule because each company has their own set of rules and stuff and so like for Wayfair for example. Once you become a published affiliate with them you can promote their sister companies as well like Birch Lane, Joss and Main, all modern so those are some of the companies that are in addition to Wayfair and so you always get a custom link to whoever it is that you're promoting whatever service you're promoting you get your own custom link. But like Wayfair they've got some really tricky rules here so just make sure that you take the time that. If you're interested in that company to look over what it is that you have to do so let's let me go over.

Let me just go over a few things here. So they like if you were to advertise in your email if you're sending out your list sending out your email to a list of people. You can like promote several products but you can say hey you know I'm promoting, you know here's this chair I think it's lovely and you know and talk more about whatever else that you do. But that's just an accent and they have it where with Wayfair you got to send them a copy of the email that you're sending out and so but you're able to share on your social media. However, they don't allow you to use Pinterest which I find really odd because it's got beautiful furniture that's a perfect place for most people to go find it and then they've got a lot of places that you can't promote like if you're from Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri. Many several States they're like you can't I don't know why. 

But what I'm gonna do. I'm going to put a link to what I'm talking about here becaise there was a blog that I came across that had all of this information all of the information about Wayfair in it. So I'll put that in my blog once that is done. If you'd like to be notified when I have the blog ready then just you know go to my website or send me a message whatever it is however you know to connect with me but for those of you that don't know me then just go to click on contact us and say can I be on your list for updated blogs. Because I plan on getting even better and better at sharing good informationn that's going to help you guy to put more money in your pockets and enjoy what it is that you do so the digital marketing tips. I'm going to continue to do those. But if I find something that I think is really important for you to know that can put additional money in your pocket then I'm going to do that as well.
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