7 Videos Every Business Needs
7 Videos Every Business Needs
Posted By - Tracy Allen
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Over the past 10 years, business owners have been told "It's important to have video" but many business owners still don't have any idea of just WHAT type of video to share. Let's check out Tracy's Top 7 of 50 Videos Every Business Needs.

We'll start with...

1. Case Studies - Sharing the results of someone that has used your product or service

If you have a chiropractor business, for example, you could do a video about "John Smith"... Prior to coming to your office, John experienced XYZ issues. After a few visits with you, XYZ issues improved by 30% and now John can do ABC...

Those types of videos are very powerful. Most of us enjoy BEFORE & AFTER stories. That's a great way to engage your audience.

2. LIVE STREAMING - "Behind the Scenes"

Whatever your business is, you should do some LIVE STREAMING for not only events but, behind the scenes of your business.

Take a look at my friend Jamie Ohler's page for his new Hot Dog Business, PAPA O'S DOG HOUSE in Lynchburg VA. Go to his beginnings on the page and see how he introduced his business before it was even built! He DEFINITELY knows how to engage his audience... And his business is PROFITING from it BIG TIME!

3. Staff Profile Videos - "Meet the Team"

Videos of your staff/team members allows you to introduce the people that make your business successfully work is great for your prospects/clients and also makes your staff feel appreciated. There is a sense of inclusion when you allow them to be in the spotlight of your business.

4. Testimonials

There's nothing link great testimonials of someone bragging about YOUR BUSINESS.

When we shop online, we look for the best reviews. When it involves our health, money, lifestyle, etc... we want to patronize the business that others say "GO HERE"... Right?

You have to have confidence and say good things about your business but genuine testimonials provide a much bigger impact. People that take the time to say something good about what you do show that they really appreciate your products/services. We all know that it's real easy for people to compain but when people find the time to say something positive, it's really special.

5.  Step-By-Step Videos about YOUR Service

Breaking down how your product or work service works step-by-step. Example. If you sell any type of skin care… Show what the box looks like, product, how to apply it, and speak about what it will do for them… The benefits. Also a great time to point out anything the purchaser may need to take precautions. For foods... You point out to stay away from "this product" if you are allergic to peanut products. This shows people that you care what happens to them. You are willing to forgo getting the sale if it's not the right fit for someone.

6. Share your experience from an event

If you've ever gone to an event, whether it was a webinar online or an event in the past that relates to your business.... share how you felt attending that event. Let your audience know how you could see customers feeling great about your service or product. Transfer that enthusiasm onto your customers/clients/prospects.

7. Interview an Expert

This does not take away from YOU being an expert in your business...  Although you are an expert as well, you could still do a video interview with someone that’s in the same industry that maybe is a manufacture or a doctor that can endorse your product. This only gives even more credibility to what you have.

One of my favorite TV shows is "The Doctors"... The doctors on the show are always having other doctors that specialize in other areas come on the show to talk about their expertise. This helps even more viewers to find what they need by watching this one show.

You can catch the replay of the live stream I did about this blog report below. And please, come back to learn more if you enjoyed the contents I've shared here today!

Thank you!

Tracy Allen
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