Websites Vs. Mobile Apps
Websites Vs. Mobile Apps
Posted By - Tracy Allen
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If you’ve ever asked whether you should have a website or a mobile app, you’re not alone. In this blog post I’m going to share with you some of the differences between a website versus a mobile app. You can also watch my LIVE STREAMING video and join in the conversation if you're watching at 10am Pacific time/1pm Eastern time.

Years ago, when I first started hearing about businesses needing mobile apps, I was asking that same question. It’s only recently that I began to see the true value in mobile apps, especially while we were going through the pandemic.


One of the things that I noticed was how much easier it is to go straight to the apps on my phone when I want to watch Netflix, Spotify, get my bank info, and other stuff.


Think about it... Let's say you are going on Facebook, are you still going to Chrome/FireFox/Safari or some browser to type in "Facebook"? You most likely are using their app on your phone. You most likely have your phone with you far more than you have your laptop with you. So when you're on the go, apps allow you to move quicker to get to the data you want most.


The apps have their own little icons right on my cell phone which I’m on all of the time and it makes it much more convenient versus trying to log into a website, even though the website might be mobile friendly, the app has simplified everything that I’m looking for.


Now for me personally, I don’t want notifications from every single app that is on my phone. That would drive me insane! However, there are certain apps that make sense for me to receive notifications. Most people have now gotten into the habit of understanding that as well and again, even though a website can offer this same feature, when I'm on a laptop/Desktop, I seldom allow notifications.


From a business owner/entrepreneur's standpoint, this is important to know. Not everyone thinks alike but if you find yourself agreeing with the things I am sharing, you have to keep in mind that you have customers/prospects that are looking for ease, security, clarity, and functionality as well.


A great thing about notifications is that it keeps your business relevant but you’d better make sure that you’ve got something truly worthy to inspire people wanting to receive your notifications!


I still believe that websites are important to have because there are still people that use computers and laptops. As a business online, you are more credible to have a website. So this video is by no means to say that you should have only one or the other. I think it’s wise to have both, depending on what type of business you’re in.


As an older adult (they say the eyes are the first thing to go) there are times I truly appreciate being on my computer and visiting websites. It's easy on my eyes and I enjoy seeing the full layout of beautiful websites. It's a different experience that you're not going to get on mobile apps.


A nice thing about apps on a cell phone versus trying to go to a website is the fact that everything moves effortlessly and quickly. Some websites still struggle to move from one page to another. So this makes the user experience a lot more pleasant.


With a website there are still a lot of businesses trying to fight their way to the top of Google with search engine optimization (SEO) or even paying for ads to be seen. So you’re fighting against over 2 BILLION of other business websites for this position. There are less than 5 million apps out right now but that is changing. 


So to summarize...



Easiest to use on laptops/desktops

Still provides a "home" in the online space

Able to see the full layout of a business



Ease of use on mobile phones (where more and more people are spending their time)

Notifications allow the user to keep up with valuable info and keeps the business relevant

Less competition for businesses



I am excited that Digital Marketing Supply will now be offering mobile app services! We’re going to launch with the personal trainer niche.


We’re going to roll this out slowly but I’m looking forward to helping businesses take advantage of this mobile app space. And we still create websites like this beautiful one done for my friend Eartley West who is a realtor in New York.


The benefits of having mobile apps are clear and I wanted to share with you some of the reasons why "I" feel this way and hopefully give you a little more clarity as to the difference between the two.


Feel free to reach out and ask questions and of course, if you know anyone in the "personal training" niche that you believe should have an app, point them in my direction and if they move forward with Digital Marketing Supply, I’ll be happy to give you a referral bonus!


Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to supplying you with your digital marketing needs.




Tracy Allen

Digital Marketing Supply


PS...  Here's a great website [LINK] to see 10 of the industries that having a mobile app is very beneficial.


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