5 “$exy” Features Of The Qr Code
5 “$exy” Features Of The Qr Code
Posted By - Tracy Allen
Category - Digital Marketing Tips

Let me share with you the "5 Sexy Features of the QR Code"...

If you’re reading this then you most likely know what a QR code is and are probably wondering how the heck a QR code can possibly be sexy?

And if you’re here in the US, you may be thinking that it was cute when it was young but now it’s “over the hill”.

Well that couldn’t be further from the truth and so in this article, I’m going to share with you FIVE “sexy” features of the QR code that should inspire implementing them into your marketing????

1. Take your app off????

Did you know that most smart phones no longer need an app to scan the QR code? If you have an android 8 or higher or an iOS 11 or higher, you do not need a separate app to scan QR codes.

All you have to do to scan QR codes now is to simply open your camera, hover your camera over the QR code, instantly you’ll see a notification show up on your screen… At the top for Apple phones and at the bottom for android... simply click on that notification and follow the instructions to go where that QR code has been designated to go.

The fact that the technology is now built into your camera on your smart phones tells you that the QR code is not going anywhere. Apple and android are not going to update this feature if it was not relevant.

2. Dress it up????

The QR code does not have to be some boring black and white funny looking little code. You can use your own branding colors, add a picture inside the center of the code, have the code designed with your logo. make the QR code pop with colors and, build around it. Take a picture of you holding the QR code telling people to scan it and what to expect once they do.

Grant Cardone does this for his events. In order to check in, there are QR codes all over the place for you to scan. No more waiting in long lines looking for the “first initial of your last name…” This makes the process a whole lot faster, easier, and accurate!

3. Talk “Chatty” to me????

You do not have to only send people to your website. Instead, why not make that QR code interactive via a chat bot?

Whatever your profession is, you have questions for the people that you want as clients, customers or patients and they have questions for you. You can make your QR code interactive by adding a chat bot and of course, collecting the information to continue building upon those relationships.

4. Change the destination????

This is another robust feature of the QR code… You can change the code as often as you like without changing the design. Once you have a QR code printed onto an ad or any physical product, if you have it going to a website and you want to change it to a video, you can do that without touching the design. 

When the QR code made its debut, you needed to create a whole new QR code every time you wanted to make a change. But you don’t have to do that anymore. I think that’s one of the hottest features!

5. Hit your target ???? 

When people scan the QR code, you’ve now taken away “human error“.

When you’re asking people to type out your website, there’s a higher chance of mistakes happening because sometimes people aren’t always paying full attention. If your website ends with .info,.net,.org, .edu, etc... “.com” is so embedded into our minds that even though we may know that a site has a different ending, we typically will put “.com” which can lead to frustration that we’ve gone to the wrong website.

This also works for telephone numbers embedded into the QR code, reducing the risk of people misdialing. (you do know that you can add a telephone number to a QR code as well, right?????)

I could go on and on about this beautiful little piece of technology but I just wanted to point out some features that most people are unaware of when it comes to the QR code.

The QR code never went away. Over the years the technology has greatly improved. The Internet is now faster which creates a better experience for the user. And over 90% of the world uses a smart phone. Think about that…

The QR code is truly an untapped marketing tool.

I’ve recently launched my very first online course which is a series of videos that walks you through:

  1. How to Create QR codes (Link to the platform I use)
  2. How I Design my codes for Branding
  3. How to get Leads using QR Codes
  4. How to set up your QR Code for Text Messaging
  5. And much more

If you are interested in either learning more about my course or having a custom QR code campaign designed for you, please contact me.

Thanks for reading this article. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did in creating it????

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