3 Things To Do Consistently For Your Local Business
3 Things To Do Consistently For Your Local Business
Posted By - Tracy Allen
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In today's Digital Marketing Supply Blog Report, we're going over the "Three Things To Do Consistently for Your Local Business"

If your goal is to dominate your local market and get connected with people all across your community, (including ideal clients/customers!) youʼll want to do the following three things consistently.

Number One: Meet the owners of local businesses

Introduce yourself to the people who run the show! (FIRST... Make sure you have a CLEAR MESSAGE) Decide to visit X number of small businesses during the work week. While youʼre there, ask to speak with the manger or see if you can collect the owners contact information to set up a future meeting. The more people you know in your community the better! You can support one another, learn from each other & hopefully collaborate together in the future.

Number Two: Buy from the local businesses

If you want to receive support from people in your community, you should give your own support first! Buy birthday gifts from local boutiques. Take your partner out to lunch at a family owned & operated restaurant. As they say, buy local and stay local! I would encourage you to also leave public internet/social media reviews for the businesses that you buy from/eat at. Tell other locals what you thought of the place and what your experience is like. A 5-gold star review will definitely put a smile on an owners face!

Number Three: Give back to the community

How are you making your community a better place? Could you volunteer on the kids sport league? Donate plants for a garden? Clean up trash at the park? Donate X dollars to a local charity? Serve food at the homeless shelter? Take the opportunity to make where you live, work and play a better place to be!


Dominating your local market is going to take consistent enthusiasm & effort. It's never to late to start!

Start meeting the local business owners in your area, buying from them & giving back to the community.

Want more personalized help getting noticed in your local market? Let us know what you need help with in your business ... Do you need marketing videos? Would you like to LIVE STREAM with someone like myself, Tracy Allen, being by your side as we talk about the products or services you sell?

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Tracy Allen, Chief Innovator Executive
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