3 Things Your Audience Wants From YOU
3 Things Your Audience Wants From YOU
Posted By - Tracy Allen
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3 Things Your Audience Wants From YOU...

When clients/customers know, like and trust you - they will PAY you. The content you create and share online is how you build connections and increase your credibility with the people you would like to
buy from or work with you. In this blog post,
I've listed three types of content your social media followers want to see from you.


 1.) They want to see your professional life – Your social media followers are interested in what you do for work. They are interested to know about your typical work day. They are interested in what you do for your customers/clients. They are interested in how you package items from your shop or how you prepare for a coaching session. They are interested to know what itʼs like to do a photoshoot with you or what work you put into designing new t-shirts

This is a photo taken of me holding a blank sign...

Here's that image with the promotion I want shown on the sign. Contact us for info on setting up YOUR photo shoot!


2.) They want to see your personal life – Your social media followers want to know about you as the business owner, not just about the business. They want to know "the who" behind "the what"! You need to show your professional life to build your credibility but you also need to showcase your personal life to build connection. Your personal life is your off of work, weekend behind the scenes. Itʼs your likes and dislikesItʼs your family and friendsItʼs your opinions and perspectivesItʼs what makes you, you.  


3.) They want to see how you can help them – Your social media followers are going to stick around your corner of the internet if they are getting some type of value from it. They arenʼt going to stay if thereʼs nothing in it for them! Youʼll want to give your ideal clients/customers a reason to stay a raving fan. They want to see how you can help them. They want to feel like you make their life better somehow, someway. People follow accounts that they find value in so make sure your content is valuable to the people you want to help – most through your products/services. —— Consider how you can start incorporating professional, personal and helpful content into your marketing strategy.

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