What Are SUBDOMAINS And How They Increase Your Income
What Are SUBDOMAINS And How They Increase Your Income
Posted By - Tracy Allen
Category - Digital Marketing Tips
First… What is a DOMAIN and how is it different from a URL?
The domain is the name of the website. Our URL is the complete link to get to where you want people to go. For example, my personal domain name is "DigitalMarketingSupply"
If someone asked me for the URL, I will send them the link that has the whole https://digitalmarketingsupply.com


A sub domain is what goes before the domain. Even "WWW" is a sub domain. What’s important to understand is how this can benefit you by using sub domains.
If you value branding your business, this is a Great way to promote whatever you want and still show your business's domain. For example, if I created an event through EventBrite, it would give me a very long URL (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/unite-music-festival-san-diego-pride-2021-tickets-76138782147?aff=ebdssbcitybrowse) That’s very difficult to put on flyers as well as promoting on social media platforms. But when you use a sub domain, you could create events.digitalmarketingsupply.com (Just an example) That will look much better on any printed material or wearing when you’re sharing it on your social media platforms.
I’m not familiar with every company out there so I’m just going to use GoDaddy to show you how to set them up quickly and easily...
Log into your GoDaddy account.
Click on my products. Click on the website that you want to work with and then click manage DNS.
You’ll see sub domains “add“.
Click add.
Enter in whatever the sub domain name that you want… I.e. “events“
You’ll be given a choice to click HTTP:// Or HTTPS://… Choose accordingly but most sites now have the "S" which stands for secure.
Now, you’ll be given the choice of forwarding with masking or without masking.
It will tell you that it’s going to take up to 48 hours to propagate but usually it happens really quickly, if not immediately.
Now you’re done and instead of sending people to these long links, you are now keeping it easier for people you're sending to the site and maintaining your branding!
Take action and let it work for you!
Thanks for watching!
Tracy Allen
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