The Value Of Personalized Custom Content
The Value Of Personalized Custom Content
Posted By - Tracy Allen
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The value of personalized custom content is truly invaluable.


You're in business to make money and using social media as a marketing platform most likely. You want your social media content to stand out to ideal clients/customers, right? Do you want your social media content to "increase your credibility and connect you with potential buyers"? Well let me share a few ideas with you.

Take a look at the two images below. If you were scrolling through social media, which post would you prefer to see?

Which of these posts would you say stands out the most? Which of these posts do you think would capture the attention of and best engage an ideal client/customer? The second image is what we at Digital Marketing Supply like to call “Personalized Custom Content".

I am thinking you'll like the second one best because it has more "value". Quotes are a hot ticket item and when you see me standing there with a sign showing a beautiful image and a positive quote, it has more meaning than just looking at me. You're getting a chance to see me "The Business Owner" surrounding myself with something good. This helps you to get to know a little more about "me" "The Business Owner".

Personalized custom content is valuable marketing because it focuses on highlighting the business owner. It focuses on highlighting not just the work you do but who it is that does the work! It adds YOU to business = bYOUsiness It stands out and incentives engagement because of the focus it places on PEOPLE. Personalized custom content is attractive marketing. It connects and it sells because of how it looks (compared to the same old content people are used to seeing when they scroll) and how it makes an ideal client/customer feel.

Take a look at your social media pages. What type of content do you see? When was the last time you showed your face in a photo or on video?

Here is what happened on my friend Jamie Ohler's social media page because he uses the power of personalized custom content to market to his customers. I made the one post linked here and people LOVE it! It's fun and engaging. But he's a powerhouse at this stuff and he's known for having great marketing!

If you want to have this type of social media engagement by learning how to create and share personalized custom content - Book an APPOINTMENT with me by clicking on this LINK. Letʼs have a brief strategie session and work together to get standing out and seeing results.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Did this make sense to you? Let me know by leaving a comment!

Tracy Allen
Digital Marketing Supply

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