3 Ways To Build Community Connections
3 Ways To Build Community Connections
Posted By - Tracy Allen
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3 Ways to Build Community Connections

When an ideal customer or client feels connected to you, they are more likely to buy from or work with you. You want your person to feel emotionally invested into who you are and what you do.

Your CONNECTIONS will lead to CASH!????

Most people will not pay for a product or service unless they trust the brand behind it.

Listed below are three ways you can build connections with the community you have online.

If you want to sell more products or services, implement the suggestions below.

1.) Hear them out???? 

- People want to feel validated and your people specifically would love to be noticed by someone like you - an expert at XY or Z. As the face of our brands, weʼre used to doing the talking. But what if we switched the routine to allow our community to do the talking?

On your Instagram Stories, there are features like a question box, a poll or a quiz that you can add to a slide. This is a great way to boost engagement and get a conversation started in the DMʼs with the followers who respond to your posted slides.

What if you posted a question box and wrote, “tell me about your bad experience with a real estate agent,”

This would motivate your followers whoʼve had the negative experience to start talking with you by sharing their story as a response to your slide. Not only will this boost your engagement rate, but it starts a genuine conversation with an ideal customer or client. They start chatting with you, so they begin to feel connected to you. Especially if youʼve had a mutually similar experience! If you take the time to hear them out & then respond via DM to what they tell you, trust is established.

You can also hear your people out by reading & answering the emails they send to you, by intentionally responding to their social media comments & even by interacting with the content they personally share on social media.

2.) Shout them out ???? 

- Again, people want to feel validated. They want to feel important, like they matter and like they are noticed. We are pretty used to running the “everyday” of our brands that we forget we wouldnʼt be where weʼre at in business if it werenʼt for the people who buy from or work with us.

You know how happy it makes you feel when someone gives you a genuine compliment? Letʼs do a better job at complimenting the people in our online community. Letʼs make them see how special they are to where our brand is today.

You could make a thank you post on social media and tag a few of your followers. You could film story content and talk about a follower or two in particular. You could leave them a comment on a post they personally made about something that happened in their life.

Shouting your people out lets them know that you notice and appreciate them. It will make them want to continue interacting with your brand!

3.) Give it out ♥

- Can your ideal person see that you care? This final tip on how you can create connections is about proving good value to your community because you genuinely care about their success.

Are you giving out great value on the social media posts you publish? Are you writing valuable blog posts? Filming valuable videos? Are you creating and giving out valuable freebies? (That will also grow your email list?!)

Are you giving to the people who give to the growth of your brand? ——

Who do you follow online that you actually feel pretty connected to? What are they doing that has built your connection to them?

What next best step could you take today to make your community feel closer to who you are & what you do?

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