3 Tips - How To Improve Your LIVE VIDEO Content
3 Tips - How To Improve Your LIVE VIDEO Content
Posted By - Tracy Allen
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I'm going to give you 3 Tips on "How To Improve Your LIVE VIDEO Content"

LIVE streaming is an effective and even entertaining way to share your message(s) online. It is also a valuable way to connect with your ideal clients/customers and highlight your credibility.

In this blog post, youʼll find three "3" helpful suggestions on how you can improve your LIVE video content.

1.) Schedule Your LIVE In Advance:
Instead of sporadically deciding to go LIVE online, you could pick a specific date and time that youʼll go LIVE on/at. Then your ideal clients/customers will be able to plan to attend your LIVE stream in advance. They can put the relevant details into their calendar and be reminded that you are talking about "X" topic on "X" date and "X" time.

I started my YouTube show, "What Do YOU Do?", creating videos for businesses in 2010. I "decided" on a date and time that I would make sure I had uploaded my videos about a local business/entrepreneur consistently and gained loyal followers. 

As the producer of the "Heart To Heart Talk Show", it's great seeing the people that love the show standing by ready and waiting to know what the show will be about for that day. You grow your following by being "consistent". Of course, if you're selling a product or service, this means you are also growing your revenue.

2.) Choose A Compelling Topic & Title: 
Why should someone spend the next several minutes watching your content? Whatʼs in it for them? What will they learn from you? How will they be educated or entertained during the next several minutes? First, youʼll want to choose a compelling topic that will draw your ideal customer/client to stay and watch your LIVE video content. Second, youʼll want the title to be relevant to your chosen topic. Posing the title as a question or as an A to B statement would be helpful.

I would also advise on using a number in the title. Numbers stand out... They break the monotony of letters. Numbers also intrigue people to find out "what is going on with that number". 

3.) Repurpose Your LIVE VIDEO Streams: 
You can go LIVE on platforms like Instagram and Facebook and repurpose the content as a replay. On Instagram you can re-share the LIVE as an IGTV video that will be evergreen on your profile. On Facebook you can re-share the LIVE as a video replay on your timeline and in your video tab section. You can even download the replay off of Facebook and upload it to a different platform like YouTube. You could even consider stripping the audio from the video and use it as content for your podcast. Repurposing allows you to have more content in less time.

In my business, I use ReStream as it allows me to stream on multiple platforms at one time. I can schedule an event which will show up on the platforms I've designated it... Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, and more. Then it allows me to download the video or audio content for repurposing.

You can check it out here and get started for free. Of course you have more access to more features when you have a paid account. If you decide to upgrade to a paid plan, you can save $10 by using my referral link >>> RESTREAM <<<

I hope these tips will help you to see how to improve your LIVE VIDEO content. If you did find value in this post, will you please let me know? Encouragement that we are on the right track with what we believe is helpful is always appreciated.

Hey... Thanks for reading my blog and have an amazing day!

Tracy Allen
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