3 Ways To Increase Social Engagement
3 Ways To Increase Social Engagement
Posted By - James Jumao
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Your social media engagement matters to your brandʼs success.


Think of your engagement as an outlook to how much your people are invested in who you are and what you do.


The better engagement you receive on social media, the more connected your people probably are to your brand.


Your engagement is made up of metrics such as: likes, comments, shares, saves &



In this blog post, we will chat about three specific ways you can increase your social media engagements for better brand results.


1.) Create Valuable & Sharable Content:


- Are you creating graphics, blog posts, videos (ex…) that are best for your ideal client or customer? Based on who your brand avatar is and the characteristics of them, does your content reflect what would stand out to them, what matters to them, what they want to learn or what they should know? You want your content to be valuable for them. If your content does a real good job resonating with your person, they will probably feel motivated to share what you created with their friends online. When this happens, it is very likely you will get new eyeballs on your brand, new follows/likes and maybe even future sales! Shares are valuable

because the person sharing is pretty much saying “I like this gal/guy & what they have to say here.” They are giving credit to who you are and what you do!


For example... I love watching a guy, Jason McElhone on YouTube who has been passionate and vigilant on helping business owners know what is happening with the SBA EIDL Grant money. Many of us have been waiting for the balance of the $10k grant after receiving the Economic Injury Disaster Loan last year. If you didn't know, it came with a grant and some of us that applied received a $1000 or $2000 grant BUT we were supposed to get $10,000!


I've shared his content even though he's loud and uses a lot of cuss words... He's so passionate and resiliant, I think it's good content for those that are in business :)


2.) Start Conversation:


- If people see you as an approachable expert, your engagement will improve. First, if someone really loves who you are & what you do - they are going to jump at the chance to chat with you. (Think pop singer on the stage & cheering from the crowd type of energy!) Then if you take the initiative to actually answer their comments, respond to their DMʼs, answer their questions, engage back with their own content (ex…) you are creating a strong know, like & trust factor with that ideal client or customer. You can start this process by adding call-to-actions in the content that you post, whether thatʼs a graphic, blog post or video.


I am addicted to reading comments and leaving my opinion (LOL). When doing this on YouTube, often I get subscribers just by leaving comments. People will typically click on my image to learn more about "who is leaving this comment?" and when they get to my channel, they see something that makes them decide, "She pretty cool... I'll subscribe".


3.) Improve The View:


- Does your brand stand out to your ideal customer or client? From your logo to your captions, to your color scheme to your profile photo, it all matters and will positively or negatively affect a buying decision. Is there something about your brandʼs “look” that could be turning your ideal person away? Are you staying consistent with colors and fonts? Are you posting well designed graphics and decent lifestyle pictures? Improve your brandʼs view by making slight changes where you notice a lack of quality or consistency.


Improving your engagement rates will take time, you wonʼt see an immediate change.


Start by making helpful, gradual improvements to see what works with your people best & to see how it shifts your results.


What have you done for better engagements results before? What other tip(s) have you heard about?


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Tracy Allen
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