Three Posts To Share This Week
Three Posts To Share This Week
Posted By - James Jumao
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Do you want to post valuable content for your followers this week? 


Do you want your content to highlight your credibility and connect you with your ideal clients/customers? 


In this blog post, Iʼll be suggesting three valuable posts you can share on social media this week.


1.) Make A Post About WHO YOU Are:


- In 2021, people donʼt want to buy from a "business". They want to buy from a "person". They donʼt want to buy from your business. They want to buy from you! Not even from you the business owner, but from you the individual. Youʼll want people to get to know who you are on a personal level, not just on a professional one. You can start doing this by making an introductory post about yourself. You can share some fun facts about yourself so that your ideal clients/customers get to know more about your personality. This is a popular type of post to make when you notice youʼve had a recent increase in new followers.


Here is an example of a post about WHO you are… 


Hey everyone! My name is Tracy Allen. Iʼm a native of Pittsburgh, PA but have lived in Sunny San Diego, California, since 1994. I've been interested in the world of advertising and marketing since I was a little girl. Thank you for joining my corner of the internet! Stick around and youʼll learn how to get better marketing results using images, video, and social media. Listed below are some fun facts about me. Do we have anything in common? Let me know in the comments!


(insert about 5 fun facts - these are mine)


  1. I'm a Steelers Fan
  2. I Love Hula Hooping
  3. I was once stationed in a place called Kami Seya Japan when I was in the US Navy
  4. One of my favorite dishes is Liver with onions, lots of gravy, and mashed potatoes
  5. I create my own hairstyles


2.) Make A Post About WHAT YOU Do:


- Letʼs turn it over to the Professional YOU. The Entrepreneur YOU. The Business Owner YOU. You have to communicate to your ideal clients/customers what you do. Meaning, what your business is doing and who your business is doing it for. What do you do on the professional side of things? What industry are you in? What is your business niche? How does your business get the job done? What educational background do you have in this area? What experience are you bringing to the table? You can create a post that ties your credibility with the connection piece we previously discussed. Now your ideal clients/customers get the best of both worlds, personal you and professional you.


Here is an example of a post about WHAT you do…


Hey, Iʼm Sally Sue! Iʼm capturing your precious moments and special seasons of life. I specialize in special event, candid photography. I went to college and studied X and have had my photography business for X number of years and have served X number of clients. I can show up with my camera in hand to your wedding, graduation, proposal, birthday, baby birth (etc…)! If you want to stay present at the moment, let me capture the memory. Follow me here to see my work and check out my website to book a session.


3.) Make A Post About WHY YOU Do It:


- Why are you doing this? Why are you in business? Why are you creating/building/ sharing? Why do you want X person to buy from or work with you? Why do you want to help X person or do X things for them? Youʼve talked about what you do but now letʼs go deeper and share why you choose to do it. You’re why is probably going to be emotionally driven and told more like a story.


Here is an example of a post about WHY you do it…


As a high school graduation present my parents gave me the X type of camera that I had been eyeing at the mall for months. When I moved away for college, I used that camera to make my ends meet. I would take headshots of the college seniors on my campus who were making resumes to apply for jobs. I did this all four years I was at the school. When I finally graduated, I not only had a diploma in my hands but years of photography & editing experience. Which also came with many, many client references. I decided to start a business and get my LLC to make my photography thing legit. The reason I wanted to continue in photography was because of how I could capture special seasons of life for people. When I graduated high school and got my first camera, that a special season of my life. I remember how happy I was. My mom even took a photo of me at that moment, itʼs the one above this caption. Iʼm doing that for other people now. Everyone should have special moments captured to remember forever.


Want more help with social media?


I can help you create and share content for your ideal clients/customers.


We can get on a call to talk about what your business needs to grow online.




Looking forward to hearing from you!


Tracy Allen
Digital Marketing Supply

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