How To Improve Your Social Media Profiles
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Your social media profile is the modern-day business card.


You should want your account to look professional and credible to an ideal client/ customer.


Looking at your profile is someoneʼs first encounter with who you are & what you do. They are going to form their first impressions about who you are and what you do within seconds of seeing your content. You should want them to think “this guy/gal is the real deal.”


Listed below are four ideas on how you can improve your social media profiles.


1.) Use a professional, consistent headshot. 


- You donʼt necessarily need to be in a suit and tie but you should replace your kitchen selfie with a nice, presentable photograph. I would encourage you to have a photographer take your headshots or have a friend go out with you to a nice location to snap one for you. Also, keep your profile photos consistent across the platforms. Meaning, what you use on your Facebook Business Page is what you use on your Instagram profile too. This makes it easier for someone who follows you on one social platform to go and find you on another.


2.) Add relevant, helpful links.


- If you have a website, connect the link to your profile to make it easy for your followers to navigate to. You can also use a software like LinkTree to connect multiple links in one.


3.) Use your tagline/mission statement


- Instead of adding irreverent information to your social media bios, utilize your businessʼ tagline/mission statement. Use this valuable character space to talk about who you are, what you do and why you do it.


4.) Remove the “fluff”


- Meaning, remove the irrelevant information and content so that you are able to start fresh. You donʼt need to keep pictures of food on your feed (unless your niche has to do with food) or include that youʼre a cat/dog owner in your bio (unless your niche has to do with animals). Yes, there are going to be things about you that you use to connect with an ideal client/customer but if you are just starting out, it is best if you start fresh and remove content that isnʼt valuable or pertinent to what you do.


Think to yourself: who do I follow that I consider “the real deal?”


Whoʼs social media profile stands out as professional yet approachable?


Consider how you can implement things they are doing to your corner of the internet.


If you have any questions about how you can improve your social media profiles, send me an email to:



Tracy Allen
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